Everyone has their cravings, some that come and go, and others that last a lifetime.  While I have had my spurts of obsession with certain fast foods that fade after a few weeks, it seems that one of my favorite childhood snacks have come back to haunt me and taunt me.

I recently watched a documentary on the evolution of the snack food industry.  It covered how potato chips were invented by a chef who was angered by a customer who sent his potatoes back wanting them thinner and crispier.  He cut them as thin as he could and the potato chip was born.  Too bad that chef never thought to patent his idea.

The documentary went on to explain the evolution of the chip and salty snack industry, and how popcorn was produced and distributed in the 1800s and evolved into microwavable bags.  The whole time I watched pretzels, potato chips, cheese puffs and popcorn, I got hungry.  All I wanted?  Cherry Laffy Taffy!

What are some of your favorite snacks, and to which are you hopelessly addicted?