Michigan Man Suing Movie Theater Over Snack Prices
A Livonia man is suing the AMC Theater chain because the price of snacks is too high.
Joshua Thompson paid $8 for a box of candy and a Coke, and has since filed a class-action lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court.
I have news for you, Joshua, and yes, I'm using all caps because I am indeed yelli…
What Your Super Bowl Cravings Say About Your Personality
We asked you a few weeks ago what your favorite Super Bowl snack was and most of you said wings, any chip dip, followed by pizza. Whatever your favorite Super Bowl food is, there's a new study showing what the foods say about your personality. For example, if you love those buffalo wings, you a…
Hopelessy Addicted… to Taffy?
Everyone has their cravings, some that come and go, and others that last a lifetime.  While I have had my spurts of obsession with certain fast foods that fade after a few weeks, it seems that one of my favorite childhood snacks have come back to haunt me and taunt me.