There's nothing quite like stepping back in time to raise a glass and ponder your quests of the day. Throughout the world, there are historic taverns and inns that have seen history go by, yet remained very much the same. Timeless in their style, and filled will stories of days gone by, these watering holes and pubs are true classics.

The site Love Food recently compiled a list of "Historic Bars, Inns, and Taverns Around the World", and let's just say they had me at historic. Having spent time living on the east coast, where history is basically in your backyard, I love anything that has a great backstory and a little days of yore lesson involved.

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While there weren't any Michigan places that made the Love Food's list I did find one that is just a day trip/overnight drive from Flint. After checking out the details, it is totally worth the drive.

The Historical Golden Lamb

The Golden Lamb Hotel, just a 4-hour drive from Flint in Lebanon, Ohio, has been catering to guests for 218 years. Not just any guests, but presidents and historical figures. Since 1803 the tavern and inn, has served the likes of 12 U.S. Presidents, Charles Dickens, astronaut Neil Armstrong,  Annie Oakley,  Alex Haley, and Mark Twain himself ( Samuel Clemens0 just to name a few.

Photo: Golden Lamb Facebook
Photo: Golden Lamb Facebook

Started Jonas Seaman with just $4 for a license to operate a “house of Public Entertainment” and a dream, the Golden Lamb Hotel is still providing food, drink, and lodging for visitors. Once a stagecoach inn for travelers, guests can still stay in one of the 17 historic rooms named after some of the historical figures that actually slept in the same rooms.

There is also a full-service restaurant and the Black Horse Tavern to enjoy while taking in the atmosphere that still is very much filled with original decor and history.

If you want to head out for a little night away, or even just for the day you can get information and make reservations here. 

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