No, Dairy Queen. They are NOT the same thing, but it's still a lovely cake.

A Georgia woman posted the hilarious cake mistake on Facebook and it's gone viral.

Kensli Taylor Davis said that her mom called a local DQ to order her a cake for her 25th birthday. Her mom told the employees that she loves the Disney film Moana. Unbeknownst to her, the DQ employee thought she had said marijuana.

So, when mom picked up the cake, she was surprised to find a pot leaf and a stoned pony smoking a joint. Her mom chalks up the mistake to their thick Georgia accents and told the local news that she admired the icing job so she took the cake as is.

Both mom and Kensli said the cake was delicious, regardless of decoration. Thanks for sharing this hilarious mistake with the world AND for having a sense of humor about it!

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