"Like." That's the word most frequently used by Fredrick Miller, a young man from Michigan who appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night.

Miller joined Kimmel from a marijuana dispensary in Niles, noting  "I'm high as hell right now ... on life." An earlier clip of Miller waiting in line outside the shop in anticipation of its grand opening had recently gone viral.

Kimmel quipped that his staff had searched "high and even higher" to find Miller before talking to him.

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During the conversation, Kimmel asked Miller what he'd purchased at the shop's grand opening. "They helped me out, they found a nice little prerolled joint of GMO," Miller said. "And it was delicious, bud!"

"Will you stand in line to vote that long?" Kimmel asked after learning that Miller had stood in line for over two hours waiting for the shop to open. Miller then gave his endorsement to Bernie Sanders saying he would camp out in a tent in order to cast his vote.

After Miller referenced the 'Bill and Ted' movie series, he was pleasantly surprised when Kimmel brought actor Alex Winter to the stage.

See the video, including the original clip of Miller in line at the Niles dispensary, below.



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