Secret recordings on a hidden video camera reveal several incidents of abuse at a Livonia nursing home facility.

After suspecting their 89-year-old father was being abused, the family of Hussein Younes placed a video camera inside an alarm clock in his room at Autumnwood Livonia. The family's attorney tells WJBK it only took two days to discover that the staff had thrown and slapped the man, and he suffered cuts and bruises.

"We only caught two days of this horror show at Autumnwood Livonia, two days," said attorney Jonathan Marko. "He was there for approximately six months. He went in, in May, until his family saw the video in December and yanked him out as soon as they saw it."

Marko says management at Autumnwook refused to take responsibility for their staff members' actions, but say they have terminated the staff members depicted in the video. No criminal actions have been taken.

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