I get it; most of the comparisons are in jest and meant to be funny. But let's not be too hard on ourselves, ladies. 

Yes, ladies and germs. For the third time, Britain's Duchess of Cambridge has emerged from her private suite of the posh Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London, looking flawless. Again. She did it with her first baby...

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...and her second, too.

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Of course, every mom on earth is now sharing pictures of how ratchet they looked compared to Kate after the births of their own children.

I have no shame, so here's the picture of me from approximately the same time, post-birth of my one and only son.

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First of all, let's examine cultural differences: barring any serious health problems, British women typically stay in the hospital for less time than American women. I was in the hospital for three full days following the birth of my son. So it wasn't unusual for Kate to be strolling out of the hospital only seven hours after the birth of her son.

Second, and I can't believe that I have to say this, but KATE IS ROYALTY. Yes, some countries DO still have royal families. They live in palaces, drive expensive cars (or have somebody drive for them), wear clothes that cost more than my house, and usually have little-to-no political influence. They're figureheads. That's their JOB - to be rich, look good and represent their country with dignity.

Unfortunately, money makes a difference. Kate has a "glam squad." Her dress was bespoke, meaning it was made JUST FOR HER. She had a hairdresser and a make-up artist in the hospital with her. She has a personal nanny that watches her other two children for a  good portion of the day. Those are four things that most of us plebes don't have.

All of this being said, she looked great. I don't know what kind of birth she had, but I know that I was in labor for 28 hours and was about 10 minutes away from a c-section. Every woman is different. Maybe you couldn't walk 7 hours after giving birth. Maybe your baby was in the NICU.

I'll admit that Kate is a pretty strong woman to get dolled up and photographed right after the birth of her baby, but that's her job. I took a shower, put on clean pajamas and make-up because I was mortified of visitors seeing me as a hot post-birth mess.

Ladies, let's not be this hard on ourselves. 

We don't have royal titles. We don't have nannies, palaces, personal hairdressers, bespoke clothing, make-up artists, and millions of dollars. We do the best with what we have. And don't you DARE put yourself down because you didn't look as flawless as the Duchess. YOU ARE A WARRIOR, regardless of your physical appearance.