His job is to take care of the goats - and that's exactly what he did.

Roland Tembo Hendel owns a farm in between Santa Rosa and Calistoga, California. He hadn't received any evacuation notices yet, but when he saw the sky start to turn orange, he realized that it was time to go.

His daughter went to round up their dogs, but their 1 year old Great Pyrenees named Odin refused to leave. They couldn't get the dog to budge, so they reluctantly left him behind. When they came back to the house later on, it was burnt to the ground. They started calling for Odin and their goats, thinking that they didn't make it.

Well, they did - Odin had herded all eight pet goats to safety, and even though he was burned and exhausted, he was okay. He had even taken in two deer that had wandered into the fires!

After being checked out by a vet, Roland cooked Odin a steak dinner and got him a full grooming. I'm sobbing over here.

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