Masha, a communal cat that is taken care of by residents of a Russian apartment complex, saved the life of an abandoned baby. If this doesn't make you a cat person, I'm at a loss.

Masha is a long-haired tabby who is looked after by local residents in Obninsk, Russia. When she found an abandoned baby in a cardboard box, she sprung into action.

Masha jumped into the box and kept the baby (likely about 12 weeks old) warm. Obviously, it's winter. In Russia. In fact, she mewed to get the attention of a passerby. The baby was taken to a hospital, where he was given a check-up and declared healthy. And now, Masha is a local hero.You can read the entire story HERE.

Meow indeed. As if I needed another reason to love cats.


Europics via New York Times
Europics via New York Times



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