Just in case you haven't heard, the flu is going around. The CDC reports about three times as many cases of the flu compared to last year, and several deaths have been reported as a result of the flu.

So what shouldn't you do? Here are seven things you shouldn't be doing if you have the flu, courtesy of Dr. Oz and Today. OMG, especially number 7 -- seriously!!

1. Skip the cough medicine.

The flu can cause a nasty cough that leaves you exhausted and sore. But over-the-counter cough medicines aren’t effective at quashing coughing, doctors say.

2. Don’t take antibiotics.

A virus causes the flu. Only antiviral medications treat viruses. Antibiotics treat bacterial infections.

3. Don’t lie down.

This may be the most difficult! High fever. Aches. Chills. All you have strength to do is put your head on a pillow. Resting during the flu is very important, but lying down makes it harder on the lungs. Lying upright will make it easier to clear the lungs.

4. Don’t give children aspirin.

When the fever hits it can cause a headache and people desperate for relief might try aspirin. But aspirin, and other drugs called salicylates, can cause a serious complication in children under 18 known as Reye’s syndrome. This can lead to problems with the liver and brain.

5. Don’t drink a hot toddy.

While alcohol makes people feel drowsy, it doesn’t lead to good sleep and can contribute to dehydration.

6. Don’t take a cold shower to reduce fever.

When trying to reduce their fevers some people take cold showers or an ice bath. But that has the opposite effect.

7. Don’t go to work.

“It is so important that you stay home and get rest and try to get over the flu. Otherwise when you go to work you are exposing all your coworkers to influenza,” said Whitley-Williams. “You are putting people are risk.”


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