A landmark home once owned by Henry Ford and his wife Clara has just hit the market and gives us the opportunity to step back in time, if only for a moment.

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Dripping With Nostalgia, But Not Exactly Modern

Before you look through the pictures below, let's address the elephant in the room. There is a great deal of charm inside this home in Grosse Ile, situated right on the Detroit River. It was built in 1939 and while it appears that a few modifications have been done, there is also decades' worth of nostalgia inside those four walls.

In other words, it may need some TLC.

The Orange Carpet is a Showstopper

As you scroll through the pics below, you'll see orange carpet in some of the rooms and hallways. You may think it's garish, but it actually fits nicely with the decor and adds to the home's early 1900s charm.

Home Improvements Where They Mean the Most

You'll also notice that there have been some modifications along the way. The home's master bedroom gives off a contemporary, comfortable feel, while the bathrooms reflect the 1950s with their brightly colored fixtures and tiles.

Modern appliances and quartz countertops are featured in the recently-renovated kitchen, yet it still has much of the charm of the home's original decor.

A Home With a Rich History

According to the Zillow listing, the home was given to Henry Ford's Head of Security and Union Buster Harry Bennett when it became too dangerous for him and family to live in Dearborn.

Take a Look at this charming Henry Ford home below. As a bonus, we've also included pics from Henry Ford's summer home in Clinton, Michigan.


Henry Ford's Grosse Ile Home, Built in 1939

Take a look inside Henry Ford's Grosse Ile home, built in 1939. It's a home that's dripping with charm, reflecting the style that was typically found in homes built in that era.

Ford's home recently hit the market for just under $1 million.

Inside Henry Ford's Michigan Summer Home

Built in 1840's and once known as the John Pennington House, Henry Ford renovated the home in the 1930's for his summer home and a place to work on inventions and projects.

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