I caught this incredible story Thanksgiving morning. The only reason I call the story incredible is because the pilot walked away. The helicopter crashed in central Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday while helping to put up a seven-story Christmas tree, with the entire shocking event streamed live on Television New Zealand's website.

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The chopper plunged to the ground after a rotor blade appeared to clip a wire as the pilot was attempting to install a fiber optic Christmas tree on Auckland's harbor-side area.

The pilot, Greg Gribble, was flung out the front door of the helicopter before falling back through its side door, the but was lucky to escape the crash with only minor injuries.

The Christmas tree, made up of 375,000 lights, is regarded as an institution at Auckland's Viaduct Basin, attracting more than 150,000 visitors each year. The tree did go up the following day.

The crash was caught on video, take a look.