Bloggers have been blogging and rumors have been flying, but let's be clear:  A once-popular Christmas decoration you may have in your home has not been banned in Michigan.

Federal Law Banned the Sale of This Everyday Household Item in Michigan

The US Department of Energy issued a ruling last year regarding new energy efficiency standards for light bulbs sold in the United States. As of August 1, 2023, retailers in Michigan have no longer been permitted to sell incandescent light bulbs.

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In 2023, legislation went into effect that prohibits light bulbs with an energy efficiency of under 45 lumens per watt. This ban makes it illegal to manufacturer, sell, or import most incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

The Feds Are Not Going to Seize Your Christmas Decorations

Despite what you may have heard, this new ruling DOES NOT effect the sale of Christmas lights in Michigan.

According the Department of Energy, the ban that went into effect in 2023 only applies to 'General Service Lamps.' The ban does not apply to specialty bulbs, such as grow lights, appliance bulbs, black lights, bug lamps, and Christmas lights.

Glass Christmas bulbs are not included in the ban as they are not considered general-use lamps. General-use lamps are typically defined as bulbs that are designed to go directly into light fixtures.

Do I Have to Throw Away My Old-School Light Bulbs?

While LED lights are generally considered more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, the 2023 ban only applies to the manufacturing and sale of those bulbs. Consumers are permitted to continue using their old-school bulbs while they still have them on hand.

And for now, traditional Christmas lights that fall under these lower-wattage guidelines can still be manufactured and sold in Michigan and throughout the US.

While LED bulbs do cost more to manufacture and consumers do pay more up front, LED bulbs are generally considered more energy efficient. LED bulbs are said to use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and the new-fangled bulbs can also last up to 25 times longer, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

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