We've all heard it a million times -- and I've preached it at least that many times to my 17-year old sons -- texting and driving can be deadly.

This long-form ad from AT&T titled 'Close to Home - It Can Wait' drives that point home in an epic, yet gut-wrenching way. It spotlights an ordinary family -- it could be your family -- going about their business in the course of a typical day. A mother and daughter head out to run some errands, she and her husband chat for a few minutes on their cellphones, and their son rides his bike around town.

But everything changes in an instant when the mother takes a quick look at her phone. It's important to note that she wasn't reading or sending a text -- she was simply glancing at a social media app on her smartphone.

"Everyone loves the picture I posted of you," she tells her daughter.

A friend posted the following quote from Momastery's Facebook status:

"Every time I’m out on the road I see driver after driver sneaking peeks at their phones. I do it, too. I peek. I love my family so hard and so well and so deep and then when I have them in the riskiest, most vulnerable space they’re in all day- on the road- I take ridiculous risks. My friends tell me they do the same thing. You guys: We are addicted. We are. Only people who are addicted to something will put the safety of people they love in danger again and again to get a fix. It’s so dangerous. It’s so freaking dangerous. GOOD people like you and me are killing their families. Killing strangers. The statistics are terrifying. They didn’t think it would be them. None of them thought that it would be them who caused the wreck they can never, ever take back."

It's true, and it's prophetic. Sure, many people have stopped texting while they drive. I hope we can include you in that group.

But are you still glancing?

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