Once the shelter in place order was made, die hard golfers looked at it as the perfect time to hit the links and enjoy the outdoors. After all, they were social distancing and getting exercise. Gov. Whitmer brought that to a quick end once she clarified that all golf courses in Michigan would be closed for the time being. One group, however, is on a writing crusade to change the governors mind.

The group calling itself Good Friends Golf, comprised mainly of senior men in West Michigan, has started a letter campaign to try and get Gov. Whitmer to reverse her executive order when it comes playing golf.

One of the members wrote a letter to Whitmer, and is encouraging the other members and golf lovers around the state to do the same. The letter, posted on their website, outlines all the reasons the ban should be lifted.

In the letter the member notes all the reasons playing golf is healthy, "As a Michigan golfer, I do not understand requiring golf courses to close to players while you encourage other healthy outdoor activity like walking your dog, hiking, running and cycling. Golf is a healthy outdoor activity.  The only difference between me walking my dog in a park and walking with my golf clubs on a golf course is that my golf clubs don’t poop on the grass. And while out golfing and walking, I am also out bending, stretching and whole body exercise swinging a golf club, which is much more robust than walking or hiking."

The mega convincing letter goes on to to mention pay to play donation boxes, and the important factor of course maintenance and damage that can be done without the grounds being tended to.

Golfers are encouraged to use the letter or draft their own plea  to Gov. Whitmer. Let's change the ban and hit the course!

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