I have a Great Dane so anytime I come across a cute or funny video, I just have to share.

Earlier today while I was on the Michigan Great Danes Facebook page, I found the most awesome video of a Great Dane ringing the doorbell to come in the house. I have never seen anything like this before so, just had to share.

According to Great Danes Rescue, Inc,  the video was posted by Dane owner Amanda Gilmore who wrote: "How does your Dane let you know it is time to come inside? Our 8-year-old boy Biggs rings the doorbell! It was a self-taught talent. He did it by accident once and realized it produced the results he wanted."

The dog literally stood at the front door ringing the doorbell while waiting to come in. It's the freaking coolest damn thing. The only thing my Great Dane Hippo can do is lick his own butt while standing.

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