They'll tell you they didn't think twice, and it's just part of the job, but everyone else will tell you it was nothing less than heroic.

We told you recently about the group of local men that were away on the snowmobile trip when an emergency involving three unconscious men in a local cabin occurred. Off-duty Grand Blanc Township firefighters Adam Frank, Lyle Knopf, Dave Bechtel, and Grand Blanc Township resident Larry Warburton quickly sprang into action, and are now credited with saving the lives of three strangers.

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Thanks to their quick thinking and life-saving training, the three men who had overdosed on Fentanyl were administered CPR until local first responders arrived and all survived after spending time in ICU at a northern Michigan hospital.

Although all four men have stayed humble when discussing their heroic efforts, the Grand Blanc Township Fire Department knew their actions couldn't go without some major acknowledgment. On Tuesday night, March 8, the  Department had the privilege of recognizing all four men. Firefighters  Frank, Knopf, Bechtel, and Grand Blanc Township resident Larry Warburton were each presented with a life-saving award. Department members, family, and friends were on hand for the presentation.

Photo: Melissa Warburton
Photo: Melissa Warburton

The firefighters will say it was just instinct, part of the job whether working or not, but resident Larry Warburton was right there jumping in to help as well.

"I was just so proud of him for jumping right in. I don’t know if I could have done it: not knowing anything at all about what happened to them or knowing who they were! But that is just the kind of guy he is; he has always been one that’s willing to help out", said Warburton's wife Melissa.

The foursome humbly accepted the awards, noting they didn't do it for the accolade but honored to receive them. Spoken like true heroes.

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