It's a fact that 2020 has been a interesting year for high school football. Due to the coronavirus pandemic  there was even a time when it was debatable whether to be a season at all. Although Friday night football has looked a  little different since it's been underway, the passion and the spirit is still there.

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Frank Thomas Field at Grand Blanc High School may not be standing room only like it normally is on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean the local community isn't proud of their team. Spectators have been limited at home games which has been tough on Bobcat fans especially now that the team will host the first round playoff game on Friday, but there is a major bright spot.

This Friday's game between Grand Blanc and Lake Orion will be Fox Sports Detroit's Game of the Week.  Fans will be able to watch the game and cheer their team on. The game will air at 7pm. Coach Clint Alexander, who is in his 4th season with the Bobcats, knows what a big deal this is for his team.

"I am very happy for our program to be on Fox Sports! Lake Orion is very good and we are underdogs again. I am thankful that our game will be one people can see. Lot’s of great players on both teams."

Grand Blanc enters the playoffs with a 5-1 record. The team, like most teams in the state, has had to deal with new ways of practicing and conditioning amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Coach Alexander said he is proud the work his team has put in to get to this point with all they have had to adjust to.

"The Covid outbreak has created numerous challenges, but I am very proud of how the team has dealt with it. They have done a great job staying focused", Coach Alexander said.

Grand Blanc isn't the only local high school starting their playoff journey this weekend. You can check out the entire list and schedule here.


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