Rains continued to fall much of Tuesday around mid-Michigan adding to the already saturated ground and rising lake & stream water. Many reports have indicated that flooding could be historic in many areas of the state.

In Gladwin County, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the Cedar River below the Chappel Dam. The county in home to Secord Lake and where Ken & Jennifer Belcher consider a second home for their family.

The Grand Blanc couple have spent much of their summers with family and friends at their home on the lake for the past 5 years. When the heavy rains started to become a flooding issue, Ken headed up to assess that situation.

What he found was something  they had never experienced. Jennifer said Ken sent photos showing the damage so far. "The beach is gone, the dock is under water and boats were floating away all over the place", Jennifer said. She provided before and after pictures of the beach area of the home.

Pre Flooding view of beach and dock  (Photos: Courtesy of Jennifer Belcher)


Photos: Courtesy of Jennifer Belcher

Belcher also provided pictures of the area near the front of the home where the road had literally collapsed due to the heavy rains. "There is a corner store where the kids always ride to called Wildwood and the bride is covered with water pouring over it and you can't get to the store at all", she said.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Belcher


Gladwin County Secord Lake Area: Photo Jennifer Belcher

As of Tuesday, Midland County 911 sent out a series of alerts saying the Edenville and Sanford dams were at risk of failing, and those living near Sanford Lake, Wixom Lake and other area waterways should evacuate. By evening, the warning became clear. Residents like the Belcher's can only pray and hope the dams hold, especially the Secord Dam,  and the water recedes.

"We are lucky our house sits somewhat up on a hill, but hopefully everything holds up", Belched said. Many others on the lake have not been as lucky, but thankfully it looks as if there will be a break from the rain for at least a few days.

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