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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer never intended her 'Shark Week' comment to go viral on the internet, but now she's running with it. The governor donned a Shark Week t-shirt and showed off some 'Shark Week' swag in an Instagram post.

"Thank you to my friends @Sharkweek for the swag!" Whitmer posted.

The merchandise was courtesy of The Discovery Channel.

The governor's 'Shark Week' comment happened just before her appearance on national TV last week as she opened the Democratic National Convention in support of Joe Biden. Whitmer drew a laugh from a small crowd gathered in a UAW hall in Lansing when she said, "It's not just Shark Week, it's Shark Week, mother******," mouthing the two-word expletive.

Last week, Whitmer credited the line to an un-named comedian who she had seen opening up for Kevin Hart. The comedian noted that women have become less shy about talking about their periods. Whitmer paraphrased the woman, saying:

"Where women used to be demure, now, you know, if a woman is talking about menstruation she might say, ‘Well, it’s Shark Week, mother******!’”

Governor Whitmer noted that she adopted the phrase "It's Shark Week" when she was preparing to run for the office of governor. A debate coach suggested she put a smiley face at the top of her debate notes in order to get herself into the right frame of mind. Whitmer felt that a smiley face was "too saccharine" and instead began writing "It's Shark Week" on her notes.


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Thank you to my friends at @sharkweek for the swag!

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