It's very easy to over indulge in Flint bashing these days, but it takes real effort to portray our struggling city and the Flintoids that refuse to budge with humor and sensitivity. That's exactly what Gordon Young, Flint native turned author, manages to do in his new book 'Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City.' Gordon Young was interviewed recently on Mornings With Rod & Steph. Get details and the interview here.

Gordon Young is a Flint born and raised author who now resides in San Francisco. As you can imagine, the cultural and economic differences between the two cities is startling! As much as he loves California living though, Young continued to feel a growing longing for Flint. How he reconciles the city that he remembers with the city that is Flint now makes 'Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City'  a very compelling read.

Here's what people are saying about the book:

There must be a thousand good reasons to flee Flint. I can't assume there are many reasons to return. Gordon Young's Teardown supplies a few of these answers. A humorous, heartfelt, and often haunting tale of a town not many could love. Fortunately for us, a few still do"

- Ben Hamper, author of 'Rivethead: Tales From The Assembly Line'

A poignant, often funny look at an iconic Rust Belt city struggling to recover.

- Vanessa Bush, 'Booklist'

One can read Teardown and go 'My,my, my! What a horrid town! Thank God I don't live there!' Oh but you do. Just as the Roger & Me Flint of the 1980s was the precursor to a wave of downsizing that eventually hit every American community, Gordon Young's Flint of 2013, so profoundly depicted in this book, is your latest warning of what's in store for you - all of you, no matter where you live - in the next decade. The only difference between your home town and Flint is that the Grim Reaper just likes to visit us first.

- Michael Moore, filmmaker, author, activist

Gordon Young's 'Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City' is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores, on Amazon, and from University of California Press here.

You may also visit Gordon Young on his website, Flint Expatriates or on Facebook

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