"Be aware. Be more cautious when riding. Don't do what I did."

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and state my observations: whenever I've seen somebody riding one of these things (is 'crotch rocket' the appropriate term?), it's never in a safe manner. Granted, I haven't seen them doing stunts on the open road. But still, they've always managed to speed past me on the center line. I try to stay away from these things at all costs.

In a video from California, 24-year-old Jesse Lopez was racing up Glendora Ridge Road on April 1st when he crashed head-on with a fire truck. He came around a blind curve, and the video catches his helmet flying off his head.

Lopez suffered several leg fractures and a broken arm, and was airlifted to a trauma center. He's now sharing the video with the hopes that other riders will be more careful.