A lovely random act of kindness during a terrible time for the people of California.

Lilly Biagini is almost 10-years-old and was born with a severe joint disorder called arthrogryposis. She had her legs amputated above the knee so she could use prosthetics to move more easily and freely.

She and her mom Jessica live in Santa Rosa, California. Unfortunately, Jessica just recently lost her job and her health insurance.

They received a phone call from great grandma, saying that she was in the path of one of the wildfires in the area, and they dropped everything to save her. When they arrived, she had already been evacuated. But when they made it back to their rental home, it had been burnt to the ground.

They had lost everything, including Lilly's prosthetic legs, her wheelchair and her bathing chair.

Jessica was ready to put the $40,000 bill for new prosthetic legs on her credit card when a local clinic offered to give her new legs for free.

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