When your having one of those days when you feel like you just can't do it, think about this little girl. Her name is Julia Sullivan, she was born without arms or legs, but has overcome her handicap, to become part of the Portland, Michigan High School Cheer-leading team. Meet Julia and learn more about her incredible accomplishment after the jump.

Its been a long hard road for Julia Sullivan, traveling all the way from Aurora, Nebraska. Your might be asking yourself how did Julia end up in Portland, Michigan, from Aurora, Nebraska? Julia tried out for her high school cheer-leading team three times and never made the cut, that's when Portland High School's cheer coach decided to step in.

Portland's cheer-leader coach, Linda Fox, was surfing the internet and came upon Julia's story and was very inspired. Linda brought it to the team and they challenged her to do something about it, so she did.

The team invited Julia and her parents to their homecoming game and offered Julia a spot on the Portland cheer team for this game.

For Julia's parents, Mike and Carolyn Sullivan, it was an emotional day. For Julia, it was a dream come true. Cheering in Michigan has given Julia the confidence to try out for her high school's cheer-leading team in Nebraska again next year.

Watch this amazing little girl in action in the video below.