A valuable lesson in life is that you'll never know what someone will be willing to do, unless you ask.

That lesson is taught today by a guy named Andrew Goldstein, and his favorite band? Smashmouth.

Andrew has a birthday coming up on St. Patty's Day, and he wanted it to be an extra special one. So he took to Twitter and made a unique offer to Smashmouth.  Yes Smashmouth from all the Shrek movies.

Simple right? Andrew threw it out there, probably assuming that he would never hear from Smashmouth . . . until.

Andrew was quick to reply.

Smashmouth had some stipulations on the contest though.

January is 31 days long. That means Andrew must own at least 31 different pieces of Smashmouth clothing or merch to even make such a ridiculous offer right?


A few people have chimed in saying that Andrew should just make his own Smashmouth clothing, but he is having none of it.

We will definitely be keeping an eye on how this develops. I don't know how much Smashmouth charges for a performance, but depending on how much merch Andrew buys, this could work out for everyone involved.

Andrew we just have six words for you.

Hey now, you're an All Star.

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