Here's a little good new for the class of 2020. Right now up to $850 is available to all high school seniors living in, and graduating from, a Genesee County high school. This available regardless of their grade point average or income level. Leaders have also approved an additional $150 to ease the financial burdens caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

All of this is being made possible by Genesee Opportunity through the support from Genesee County voters. Voters are the ones  who approved a 20-year millage in 2016 to fund the stipend.

Graduates who are looking to use the funds must submit an application no later than May 15, 2021. Money from the GO stipend can be used toward costs for college, fees for specialty licenses, or career training. The stipend can only be awarded one time and must be used within the first 12 months after graduation or GED completion.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Genesee County high school graduates,” said Vanita Wilson, GO Coordinator. “We encourage students to apply for these funds and use them to further their education. There are no fees to apply and most graduates are eligible to receive the stipend, so there’s nothing to lose but a lot can be gained.”

To be considered eligible, you must reside in Genesee County, Michigan or on a property that is taxed by a Genesee County school district and be a graduate, from a high school in Genesee County. Graduates must be enrolled in an eligible training program or post-secondary educational institution and submit an application by the due date.

If you are interested or know someone that is, you can complete the application here.

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