Not cool, bro. Totally. Not. Cool. Not the type of behavior anyone should display, especially a Genesee County Commissioner.

Mlive is reporting that Commissioner Drew Shapiro, R-District 6, went way over the line of partying on Silver Lake in Fenton Township. According to a police report, obtained by the Flint Journal, Shapiro was spotted on the lake at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 27, driving a pontoon boat blaring music, honking his horn, and yelling racial slurs at a house on the lake.

When the man, who's house was receiving an early morning harassing, went outside to investigate, he found a shirtless, liquor bottle waving Shapiro yelling horrible, racial slurs at the man while throwing down some outrageously rude gestures his way. According to the man who bared the brunt of the harassment, it is an ongoing thing that he endures, possibly because he is in a relationship with Shapiro's ex-fiancee.

Police were called, but Shapiro had already left the property. Commissioner Shapiro has yet to comment on the incident and no word yet if there will be some sort of discipline from the Genesee County Commission Board.

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