Genesee County has used the CodeRed program for a while now, but as of Friday that program is out and the Smart 911 program begins. If you were signed up for CodeRed in the past, you will need to sign up for the new program.

The Smart 911 program will help get important details to first responders in case you ever need to call 911, and will also send you alerts or notifications if there are weather or traffic emergencies in your area.

You can sign up for Smart 911 here. Signing up is free, and you can enter as little or as much information as you would like to give. It will ask you for basic information like if you have children, their names, and if they have any special needs. You can also upload photos of your children and pets if you would like. In the event that you do have to call 911 for any reason, all the information will pop up on the screen for the dispatcher to see. This program is used in many other states and countries, so even when you are traveling it can be helpful in getting all the correct information to the dispatcher when needed.

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