Uncle Jesse? Joey? Danny Tanner, aka Dad? Yes to all of the above. There is a 'Full House' reunion -- of the male adults in the cast of the popular late '80s sitcom, at least -- for an Oikos Greek Yogurt 2014 Super Bowl commercial.

A teaser of the spot has been released, and it's got us stoked for the whole shebang.

In this teaser, the Oikos bromance is explored. Jesse, aka John Stamos, watches the game while noshing on some smooth, creamy yogurt. When he suggests it's time for bed -- check out Dave Coulier, who played goofy Joey, in his red footie PJs --Papa Bear Danny (Bob Saget) declares that it may be time for them to get their own homes and no longer live together.

Nah, it's not.

Can the Olsen twins be far behind? Will the ladies who played Michelle Tanner show up for rest of the spot? You never, ever know.

Whatever the case, we want to see more, more, more.

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