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Poor Yoopers. First, Mt. Dew awarded Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Wisconsin. Now Fox News has shut them out of the country completely by mistakenly labeling the UP as 'Canada.'

As conservative talk show host Sean Hannity discussed President Donald Trump's petition for a recount in the state of Wisconsin, a map of the Upper Midwest was put on the screen in order to highlight The Badger State. Unfortunately, it included a map of Michigan as well, erroneously labeling the Upper Peninsula of our state as Canada.

Nope, not Canada.

Twitter users jumped on the gaffe immediately. Here are a couple of our favorites:

From @SamAliSports "Looks like the Upper Peninsula has officially had it with being left out or mislabeled on U.S. maps and has joined Canada."

From @jc2012ag "I don't know what's worse. Michigan for losing the Battle of the Upper Peninsula to Canada, or those Wisconsin cowards for not invading it and claiming it for themselves years ago. SMH"  

Sure, the Yooper dialect may be a little closer more like Canada's than ours here under the bridge, but last we checked the UP is still very much a part of Michigan. 


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