It's unfortunate that we don't have a local competition for those who imitate deer sounds in the wild. Luckily though, we have a video of such a competition, and it's straight outta Latvia.

You'll find the video (below) hilarious, as did Fox 2 anchors Roop Raj and Taryn Asher, who were barely able to make it through the report. Raj shared the video on his Facebook page, noting, "I haven't laughed this hard on TV in years."

The popular Detroit news anchors were definitely caught off guard reporting on the annual competition, which takes place in Metriena, Latvia.

But was it the video or the audio that had the pair cracking up during their newscast? It may possibly have been both.

Deer Calling is a Real Thing

It's actually called a 'Stag-Calling Contest' and it's in its seventh year. This year, 23 contestants were rated on their ability to imitate red deer calls. And, of course, the contestants are scored in several different categories.

But don't feel bad if you've never heard of it.

Familiar Faces

Fox 2's anchors managed to keep their composure until about :25 seconds into the video when one of the competitors tipped his hat and bowed to the crowd. It appears that they take this competition rather seriously.

You may remember Asher and Raj from their days on Flint television stations. Roop Raj spent several years at WEYI-TV, and Taryn Asher worked at Flint's WJRT-TV where she met her husband Jason Carr.

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