Can I get you some Mackinac fudge to go with that brewski?

The beer is made from maple syrup, chocolate and Mackinac Fudge flavored coffee from Ferris Coffee out of Grand Rapids, and it's been aged in oak bourbon barrels.

It'll be available starting on October 8th in their taprooms in Grand Rapids and Detroit and will be distributed to party stores and grocery stores later in the month. You'll be able to purchase it 4-packs of 12-oz. bottles; it's 11% alcohol, so pace yourself.

This isn't the first time that Founders has tackled to coffee-and-beer combination, either - their KBS Espresso was released last year and was a huge hit.

I'll tell ya, AJ isn't a big drinker. She used to be, but she's not anymore. And she's never been a beer drinker, even though she's from Wisconsin. However, if there was ever a beer that I could get her to drink with me, I think it's this one.

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