The winning firefighter will win a new firehouse door system worth $10,000 for his/her department.

We got this as a message from one of our Cars 108 Facebook family members and wanted to pass it along so you can VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Former Montrose Township firefighter Scott McDowell is one of seven finalists for a contest from LiftMaster, a garage door company who also makes doors for firehouses. His description on the website says:

Scott McDowell is my hero, because he could have quit being a fireman and everyone would have understood. However, in the midst of adversity, he overcame what others would consider “physical limitations,” to continue being a fireman in the service of his community. In 2011, he contracted an infection so severe, it lead to both of his legs being amputated. He went from being in a wheelchair, to being fitted with prosthetic legs. Nevertheless, he returned to the fire department and worked the radios, became licensed to drive emergency vehicles, and eventually returned to active duty. Scott is an inspiration for everyone, especially anyone who has confronted physical challenges.

Click HERE to vote for Scott! And good luck to the entire department!


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