A former Flint morning radio host has been sentenced to serve six months in prison. Andrew Zepeda, whose on-air name was Andrew Z when he worked at radio stations in Flint and Saginaw in the early 2000s, was handed the sentence after violating the terms of his probation.

Zepeda was sentenced to 30 days in jail, and five years under what Ohio terms "Community Control" back in 2012, for his involvement in a break-in at a pizzeria he once owned.

Under the terms of Zepeda's community control, he was forbidden from working at any establishment that serves alcohol. Wood County Common Pleas Judge Alan Mayberry revoked community control because Zepeda made a conscious decision to violate those terms, according to the Toledo Blade.

Zepeda's wife Colleen issued a statement on Facebook:

Hello all,

[sic] Unfortunately, Andrew is currently serving a 6 month sentence stemming from the 2010 pizzeria incident. He put his heart in front of his head and was trying to help his family out by covering shifts at Cabo Loco. According to his probation, he was not to be in an establishment that serves alcohol. He was reported to his probation officer by liquor control agents that had been at the restaurant and saw him there. His probation was revoked and a warrant was issued. He turned himself in and was sentence to serve the rest of his impending sentence. While the next 6 months are going to be very hard, they are looking forward to putting this all behind them and getting a fresh start upon his release. Thank you to all who have been and continue to be supportive. We ask that you respect his family during this difficult time. Thank you.

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