Forged in Flint is a real film about Flint influenced by the people that make Flint.

On the 5th anniversary of a day that will forever live in Flint infamy, the Flint Water Crisis is what Flint has been known for over the last five years. Our city has been associated with hardship and tragedy for the last three decades.

That's why this video is so necessary right now. It shows that Flint is so much more than our troubles. The video highlights the people that are creating businesses, rebuilding communities, and restoring trust in our city.

Watch the video till the end. Make sure you take time to read the text screens talking about small business growth in Flint.

Most of those businesses were started by people that you probably know. Friends that have grown up caring about Flint, and are doing the positive work to change it.

You can sit back and complain, wallowing in the problems of the shadow of the Flint Water Crisis . . . or you can be inspired by the vision of the people who live and work in Flint.


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