He faces 69 counts of indecent exposure! Are you kidding me? 

Hunter Osborn from Arizona was arrested and charged after exposing himself in a varsity football team photo, which he did after being dared by another player.

Osborn, who was 18 at the time of the photo, is facing one count of furnishing harmful items to minors and 69 counts of indecent exposure - one for every person who is in the photo. Nobody noticed it when the photo was distributed to students at Red Mountain High School. The photo has been published in over 250 yearbooks and was also in the football program. Students who knew about the prank could also be charged.

There's a change.org petition to Free Hunter Osborn with over 1,900 signatures. This reminds of an episode of Roseanne that I just watched...

A suspension seems more appropriate. Arrested and charged? C'mon, now. It's his cash and prizes. What's the big deal?