Because snowmen are so 2015.

Yep, it's January and it is cold. Winter has caught up with us, finally, in the North. So in order to fight off winter doldrums, people are doing weird things with their pants in Minnesota.

A lady in Minneapolis has started a trend in yard decorations, freezing your pants in hilarious ways on the front lawn instead  of a lame snowman. She came up with the idea, after washing some jeans and taking them outside to freeze. She posed the jeans on her lawn and of course, she posted it on social media and it has taken off.

So, be prepared for your friends to start posting crazy pictures of frozen pants. They are not crazy, they are super hip! We might even see a trend in pranks as well. Instead of TP-ing a house, you will find frozen pants marching up your lawn. That's actually not a bad idea, I call dibs on starting that one.