The little girl who bit into the candy is okay but parents in Flushing are encouraged to check their kids' candy.

The Flushing Police Department is warning parents about Halloween candy being tampered with in a Flushing neighborhood.

Sydney Maurer, 10, was dressed as a hippie and trick-or-treating west of Seymour Road, near Primrose and Windy Bluff. She bit into a Tootsie Roll when she got home, and when she couldn't bite all the way through it, she took it out of her mouth and saw two needles. Her parents called the police.

They've investigated the neighborhoods in which they believe the incident happened, but haven't been able to locate the house.

If you have any information, or your child's candy has been tampered with, please call the Flushing Police Department at (810) 659-3119.

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