Earlier this week it was reported that cases of viral meningitis were known in Clio Area Schools, Caro Community Schools, and Frankenmuth School District. Now in the same week cases have been reported in Flushing and Birch Run.

According to ABC 12, a first grader at Springview Elementary in Flushing and a student at Marshall Greene Middle School in Frankenmuth have both contracted viral meningitis. Both school districts sent home letters to parents this week.

Flushing canceled all after-school activities at Springview Elementary on Thursday so the school could be cleaned. The busses are also being cleaned.

When the news first broke earlier this week about the first three cases I saw a lot of parents talking about sports and that they had to travel to other schools for football games. It was concerning to parents that their children played sports at a school or with the classmates of a child with viral meningitis. I imagine that is how it is spreading so quickly.

Symptoms of viral meningitis include headaches, stiffness in the neck, nausea, and fever. The viral form of meningitis is considered to be less dangerous than the bacterial form.

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