Sunday morning prohibition is coming to an end. The Flint City Council has voted to lift a ban on alcohol sales at the city's bars and restaurants.

Flint City Council Repeals 13-Year-old Law

During its regular meeting on Monday, January 8, the Flint City Council voted unanimously to repeal a resolution that went into effect in 2010, banning restaurants and bars in the city from selling alcohol. However, bars and restaurants will have to apply for a Sunday sales permit them to sell and serve alcohol on Sundays between 7 am and noon.

William Kim is the Flint City attorney. He clarified that repealing the ban only applies to restaurants and bars within the city of Flint.

“Restaurants and the like (will) be able to serve drinks with brunch on Sunday mornings,” Kim said. “But other retail stores and gas stations will not be able to engage in sales before noon.”


Sunday Alcohol Sales in Genesee County

According to Mlive, the new ruling in Flint leaves Mt. Morris as the only community in Genesee County that doesn't permit alcohol sales at restaurants and bars.

Sunday Alcohol Sales at Retail Establishments

As we reported last year, buying alcohol on Sundays at retail establishments in Michigan is complicated. Only select retailers that have obtained a special license extension can sell alcohol on Sunday between the hours of 7 am and noon.

The original proposal submitted to Flint City Council by Mayor Neeley's administration would have allowed for across-the-board alcohol sales throughout the county, however, the details of the measure were changed before Monday's decision.


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