A Flint resident says his entire body went numb when he found out that he was a $1 million Powerball jackpot winner.

Jackie McCloud matched the five white balls in the May 8 Powerball drawing, which made him a $1 million winner. McCloud did not, however, match the red Powerball number, which would have made him a $20 million winner.

That Scanner Is NOT Malfunctioning

The 55-year-old Flint resident tells the Michigan Lottery that he thought something was wrong with the scanner when he tried to check his ticket.

“I scanned my Powerball ticket at a store to check it and got a message to see the retailer,” said McCloud. “I thought something was wrong with the scanner, so I took it to a different retailer. The worker looked the ticket over and told me I’d won big, but I still didn’t know how much."


Don't Keep Me in Suspense

McCloud says he didn't find out how much money he'd actually won until he took his winning ticket to the Lottery office in Lansing.

“I took my ticket to the Michigan Lottery office and that’s when I found out it was worth $1 million! My whole body went numb.”

McCloud purchased his winning ticket at the Forward Pinconning Marathon station in Pinconning. With his winnings, he says he plans to do some traveling and save the rest.

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