The Flint Police Department executed a warrant sweep on Wednesday morning and announced that they have cleared 20,000 in the last six months. Has it helped?

NBC 25 says Flint Police say the city currently has 23,000 outstanding warrants after having more than 40,000 just six months ago. Flint Police Capt. Collin Birnie says the sweeps are attempts "for some of the more violent ones to get off the street." Eight arrests were made Wednesday morning and dozens of warrant were cleared. Birnie added that "as the weather gets warmer we get busier its nice to clear some of these folks off the street."

Just last month, news came that Flint was no longer number one on the FBI's most violent cities list. With these warrant sweeps - assisted by the ATF, U.S. Marshalls, State Police and others - is it helping? Do you feel safer? Let us know what you think in the comments below!