It happened yesterday near Miller Road and Lincoln Drive.

Flint residednt Kathy Saunders heard the lock to her storm door break around 11 AM yesterday and saw a man, wearing a peacoat and a hat, on her porch. He asked if she had jumper cables. When she told him to go away, he ran to his car.

She called 911 and reached out to her neighbors. That's when she found out that the guy had been checking houses to see if anybody was home. Tom Williams and Bobby Plair were out plowing for Above and Beyond Handyman when some of the residents reached out to them, telling them to keep an eye out.

That's when they saw the guy, preying on another resident. They tried to block him off but he kept bumping their truck and eventually floored it to get away. They followed him to Vosburg and Court streets, where the man crashed into a woman's car and set it on fire.

The men helped the police to get her out.

True heroes! Thank you for going WAY above and beyond!

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