Have you seen these buildings that have fallen into disrepair get new life around Flint? There's an organization who is responsible for doing this.

I was reading a story from Flint Side, about the recent developments of the Swayze Court Apartments in Flint. It took about $8.3 million to renovate the building from the 1920s, to become 36 affordable apartments for the community.

I thought that was an amazing feat since not a lot of buildings in Flint get that type of treatment, so I asked, who was responsible for this renovation? Communities First is the organization responsible for making this happen.

I learned that Communities First, Inc., is an organization that was formed in 2010 from two Flint natives who's motto is: "Empowering People. Building Communities". According to their website, it seems that they are turning older buildings in the Flint area that have been dormant, into affordable housing and community centers.

I'm glad that an organization is trying to actually make a difference to make change happen in the community with this work.

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