He's using his experience to help others who are sick with the coronavirus.

Isaac Ryder is a Flint resident, a musician, and a father of two. He moved to Flint from West Michigan and worked "hard labor" jobs until his music career could support his family. That was, of course, until he got into a car accident that almost killed him.

His recovery was intense but he came through. And then, this year, he contracted COVID-19.

He told Mid Michigan Now that he was likely one of the first people in Michigan to get sick, with symptoms starting in the first week of March. As he recovered, he mentioned to his social media followers that he'd be willing to use his personal experience to help others and offered himself up for medical research on the disease. He used to work for the American Red Cross, so he knew how important his experience could be.

After about a month, he was able to get in and donate plasma.

When he heard that President Trump had a press conference about how donating plasma is now a "promising" breakthrough in COVID-19 treatment. "I have chills right now just thinking about how happy I am to hear that."

"If you had COVID-19, go donate plasma."

Definitely has to be a good feeling to be able to help others after you've had COVID-19. I know a lot of people who've had it who felt guilty that they unknowingly exposed others, so this is a great way to help.

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