A Flint mail carrier is facing charges after lying to police about the details of a fight with two other women. The April 8 incident was captured on cellphone video and then shared on Facebook.

See the video here.

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What are the details?

Police were called to an apartment complex in Flint after a fight broke out between two women and a mail carrier. There was speculation that possession of a stimulus check precipitated the incident.

Trista Paige Newton told police that her US mail vehicle was struck by another car and that she was attacked by the driver and passenger of that vehicle.

Police determined that the postal worker had lied about the incident.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton tells the Detroit News that the postal worker's account of the incident did not match the details provided by the two other women and witnesses at the scene. This led to charges being filed against Newton.

“This is a perfect example of how a situation may not be exactly what it looks like at first glance,” Leyton told the Detroit News in a prepared statement. “A lot of people were immediately calling for charges against the two young women involved when, in fact, according to the police investigation, they were the victims. Jumping to conclusions and quick, rash judgments about a situation rarely serves justice well.”

The US Postal Inspection Service declined to comment on the situation while its investigation is pending.

The video can be seen here. Please note, the content and language are not suitable for all audiences.

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