Hurley Medical Center is now the proud owner of two ultraviolet robots.

The robots are made by a company called Xenex and they're called LightStrike. They are traveling throughout Hurley to disinfect the building, while also killing SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

The robots use a xenon lamp (not at all related to Scientology - that's Xenu)... generate "bursts of high intensity, full germicidal spectrum (200-315nm) UVC light that’s more intense than sunlight," according to a Hurley press release.

"With full germicidal spectrum light, Xenex LightStrike robots quickly deactivate viruses, bacteria, and spores where they are most vulnerable without damaging hospital materials or equipment. The robots can eradicate deadly pathogens in less than five minutes and can disinfect a typical patient or procedure room in fifteen minutes."

Hurley brings the robots into all of the rooms where patients with COVID-19 are being treated after environmental services disinfect everything.

Ann Newell, Infection Prevention Manager at Hurley said, "The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased awareness of disease transmission and the importance of infection prevention, which is why we are grateful to have the LightStrike robots to help disinfect our facility.”

The hospital is beginning to reschedule surgeries and appointments for everyday patients, and they want the surrounding communities to know that they're ready.

AJ has been saying it for years and I think she might've been on to something - she's always said that the computers and robots are going to take-over. At least this is a GOOD take-over and not, like, world domination.

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