Have you heard the one about the hooker who stole a Flint man's dentures? He took them out so he could ... so he could ... I can't even bring myself to type it ... (Read it at your own risk, below.)

It made its way around the local internet in a big way this weekend. In fact it's been shared over 700 times:  Keep it real, Flint. Only in my hometown. Just when you think you've heard it all. You CAN'T make THIS stuff up.

Actually, you CAN make this stuff up.

It's fake news. (Actual fake news.)

The Facebook page 'Flint Police Blotter' looks kinda sorta official at first glance. But it clearly states that its business is satire.

So no, a hooker didn't steal a Flint man's dentures. And a man didn't run over his wife's breast with a Buick.

Like I said, read it at your own risk. Just don't believe it.

And thank you, BTW, to the creator of this page, for owning up to the fact that it's satire, and not trying to pedal this crap off as actual news. Although some of us did fall for it.

(I did, for a minute.)

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