Here is a list that it would be wonderful to see Flint listed on. Unemployment rates here are sky high and have been for some time, and while the national average is about 8.3%, there are some places  much lower. So if you’re thinking about relocating, where should you start your job search?

According to Forbes magazine , you should looks for cities with some common ground.

Most cities with low unemployment rates have a state-run university or college in the region, and all those students help create a good base for employment opportunities..

Here's a list of cities with the lowest unemployment rates in America. If you're thinking about moving or relocating to look for work, you might want to check out the list.



1. Bismark, ND – 2.8 percent
2. Fargo, ND – 3.5 percent
3. Lincoln, NE – 3.7 percent
4. Sioux Falls, SD – 3.9 percent
5. Iowa City, IA and Rapid City, SD – 4.2 percent
6. Grand Forks, ND; Midland, TX; Omaha, NE; and Council Bluffs, IA – 4.3 percent
7. Burlington/South Burlington, VT – 4.4 percent
8. Ames, IA and Portsmouth, NH – 4.5 percent
9. Dubuque, IA and Logan, UT – 4.7 percent
10. Billings, MT; Columbia, MO; and Odessa, TX – 4.9 percent
11. Oklahoma City, OK and Rochester, MN – 5 percent
12. Mankato/North Mankato, MN – 5.1 percent
13. Casper, WY – 5.2 percent