The video. THE VIDEO. It's a cat, who can't use his back legs, in a wheelchair.

This is the second time this month that Flint company C3 Ventures has been in our Good News - the first time was when they created a 3D bill for a duck who lost part of his in an accident.

Now, they've done it again - they've developed a wheelchair for a paralyzed cat, and we can't even.

Earl the cat was found as a stray at 5-weeks-old, and he had a spinal cord injury, which rendered his rear legs useless. Keina Romanelli adopted him anyways, saying that he "needed" her.

So, C3 Ventures designed him a wheelchair, using a 3D printing lab. An intern named Cierra Haley, who is a student at Kettering, was charged with the task, which took a few months.

And now, he's also up for a photo contest. You can vote for Earl HERE.

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